CD Acrylic Ltd

CD Acrylic Bangladesh Ltd. has been set up in 1997 by Dragon Group at a cost of 15 million US Dollars. Located about 120 km outside of Dhaka. It has been located strategically on the middle of Dhaka - Chittagong highway so that the travel time to Dhaka and to Chittagong port is the same and also the area provides abundance of skilled workers.

This vertically integrated complex is made up of 3 units. Spinning, Dyeing and Sweater unit. Dragon Group through out its process has introduced the latest Technology. In CD Acrylic Spinning unit, it is using most modern Cognetex machines from Italy, Savio Auto Conner in finishing. In Dyeing Unit, it is using most modern Obem machines and are having the finest testing equipments from Germany and Italy to give the most accurate lab dips and to match exact shadings in bulk Dyeing. 

For testing, it uses most advanced Macbeth colour technology.  All the lab dips and colours made are kept in a database and stored permanently and the sweater unit is well equipped with over 1500 knitting machines of 1.5GG, 3GG, 5GG, 7GG and 12GG. And a finishing floor having a capacity of 10000 pieces per day. 

The completion of this project has helped to reduce lead-time significantly. A third Spinning unit is also under construction near the existing facility.

Total Floor space available is about 500000 square feet.

Total Employees working in this facility is about 3000 and can produce about 300000 pieces of Basic Pullovers in a month.